2016 m. birželio 29 d., trečiadienis

An impressive and inspiring design of the equipment based on the SBT11-bundle kit by Steffen from Moosburg (Germany)

Personally to me it is one of the most impressing and professional equipment designs based on the 
SBT11 kit . So much attention to detail, functionality and usability. Please take your time to enjoy these inspiring pictures!

2016 m. birželio 10 d., penktadienis

Nuclear Radiation Survey Meter in the new factory made quality ABS plastic enclosure (phased out)

This enclosure which was designed for the "through the hole" geiger kit which I was previously selling on eBay. If you need such enclosure for the current - SMD version please check here:

Part list of the Nuclear radiation survey meter shown in the pictures (the one with SBT10A tube):
1 x factory made enclosure with precisely cut openings for the tube and interface elements
1 x printable vinyl sticker with artwork
3 x tumbler switches
1 x push-button switch
1 x 5 pin socket
1 x 5 pin plug
4 x screws for mounting SBT10 tube
3D-printed plastic frame for easy mounting of the counter inside the enclosure.


If you need the enclosure kit (unassembled and without the electronics) -
Just the enclosure with precise cut-outs, vinyl stickers with artwork, three tumbler switches, one push-button switch, socket and plug connector and internal mounting brackets for the electronics and the tube (tube mounting brackets are only for SBT11 tube kit. Mounting SBT10 and SBT8 tubes don't require such brackets)

Please choose the option you need