2013 m. gegužės 27 d., pirmadienis

Logging software modification for brohogans logging shield (output to work with Radiation Logger software by radiohobbystore and changes related to switching between displays)

Ver.8.01 - modifications listed below:
simplified serial port output to work with freeware Radiation Logger software by radiohobbystore:
Swithing DIP switch #1 (D4) on: starts "dose mode" and keeps it displayed until the switch is not turned off (meaning no alternating displays - either immediate measurement display or running averages).
During the first minute, while the average for that minute is being calculated, uSv value is substituted with a word "wait".

The modified sketch can be downloaded here
Libraries can be downloaded from here

2013 m. gegužės 14 d., antradienis

Adjustable HV high voltage supply module for geiger tube counter and dosimeter

IMEX-38-56-1 is an adjustable high voltage generator module for Geiger-Müller 
The module is for use in geiger counters and dosimeters where portability,
small size, very low power consumption and stability is required. 


Supply voltage range: 2.5-5.5V  
High voltage range:   380 to 560V (adjustable with a 24 turn trimmer
potentiometer). Practically all popular western and russian-made Geiger-Müller
tubes are supported. Current limiting 4M7 resistor is already installed (for most
Geiger-Müller tubes of russian origin). Additional separate 0.125W 4.7M resistor
is provided with the module for tubes of western origin.

Low quiescent (standby) current:  0.5-10μA  

Low ripple: 1 to 5V

Working temperatures: -20 to +60ºС

Three pin module: pin 1 HV, pin 2 GND, pin3 positive input voltage

Dimensions: 38.5mm x 7mm x 25mm

Module is encapsulated for isolation purpose in transparent epoxy.

You can obtain this device on eBay - please check THIS eBay LINK .
Alternatively please contact me by e-mail: