2013 m. spalio 18 d., penktadienis

Use of the IMEX-38-56 High Voltage generator - iPhone Geiger Counter (Geiger Bot app)

Here below I publish shematics and video of the working prototype of the iPhone connect-able Geiger Counter which works with iPhone (Geiger bot app)

The high voltage generator seen in the video above is on eBay - item number 161121230169
The link is http://www.ebay.com/itm/161121230169

(note transistor here is 2N3904 but any similar/popular NPN type would do either)

The whole schematics runs on 2xCR2025 3V batteries (6V). Batteries theoretically should last more than a year as theaverage power consumption is something around 10uA(10^-6A).

In the video it works with GeigerBot https://sites.google.com/site/geigerbot/
which is freely downloadable from appstore

Dimensions of the prototype board you see here are:

Simply shorting 5V regulator input with output without disconnecting the third terminal from ground => wasting battery power

I have observed that if you do not need the the 78L05 5V regulator, shorting between its input and output without disconnecting its third terminal from ground would waste your battery power even more than if you use the regulator in the usual way.