2013 m. lapkričio 17 d., sekmadienis

Version 10.2. adaptation for the LCD shield (v.10.2.1)

v.10.1.2 - adaptation modifications are listed below:

PIN definitions are adapted to work with LCD shield as follows:

#define BUTTON_PIN           11  (in v.10.1 was 10)
#define ALARM_PIN             10  (in v.10.1 was 15)
#define NULL_BTN_PIN       15  (in v.10.1 was 11)

 simplified serial port output to work with freeware Radiation Logger software by radiohobbystore:
 is now configured to be the default output changable back by menu (note: use of menu needs connection of IR receiver)

If you want CPM, [dose unit], Vcc to be the set as output format during the RESET_ALL (i.e. when the #define RESET_ALL true) find and change the line in Menu from:
back to:

The modified sketch can be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/od831jqjbnw4x41/GeigerKit_v10_2_1.zip

2013 m. lapkričio 1 d., penktadienis

Modification of the counter to have HV programmable by IR TV remote

This is a modification of  the DIY Geiger counter to have HV programmable with IR TV remote control. This version assumes two voltages 400V and 500V - for most popular russian and western made Geiger-Müller tubes.

This modification in essence is substitution of the generator on 555CMOS timer chip with a signal generated by the ATMEGA328 timer.