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Version 11. adaptation for the LCD shield (v.11.0.1)

v.11.0.1 - adaptation modifications are listed below:
 PIN definitions are adapted to work with LCD shield as follows:
 #define SEL_BUTTON        11  (in v.11 was 10)
 #define ALARM_PIN          10  (in v.11 was 15)
 #define NULL_BUTTON    15  (in v.11 was 11)

simplified serial port output to work with freeware Radiation Logger software by radiohobbystore

is now configured to be the default output changable back by menu (note: use of menu needs connection of IR receiver)
If you want CPM, [dose unit], Vcc to be the set as output format during the RESET_ALL (i.e. when the #define RESET_ALL true) find and change the line in Menu from:
back to:

Software can be configured to work with NEC, Sony or Philips remote controls.
To make it easier I have prefigured for two most popular - Sony and NEC

If you have installed Arduino IDE v.1.6.x then there are a few changes and below sketches shall give compilation errors. Adjusted sketches for Arduino IDE v.1.6.x can be found  here .

The modified sketch preconfigured for use with Sony IR remotes can be downloaded here:

The modified sketch preconfigured for use with NEC IR remotes can be downloaded here: