2023 m. liepos 31 d., pirmadienis

If you need a complete kit assembled or unassembled,  or just a PCB, a partial kit or even just some component,  please feel free to contact me at the e-mail address below.
Also I have in stock following geiger-muller tubes:

SBM-20  (beta and gamma)
SBM-20U (beta and gamma)
STS-5     (beta and gamma)  
SBM-21  (beta and gamma)
SI22G      (gamma)                        
SBT-9      (alpha beta and gamma)
SI-29BG  (beta and gamma)      
SBT11     (alpha beta and gamma)
SBT11A   (alpha beta and gamma)
SI19BG    (alpha beta and gamma)
Beta-2      (alpha beta and gamma)
SBT10A   (alpha beta and gamma)
SI8B        (alpha beta and gamma)

Please check  THIS eBay LINK or contact me directly by e-mail :


Best if you write to me in English,
but you are also welcome to write to me in Russian, Polish, German, Italian or French.


Best regards!

ESPHome integration for Arduino Geiger PCB by Nicola

For your consideration, here's a very neat project kindly shared by Nicola to connect the geiger counter to HomeAssistant.

link to project page on GitHub

It uses the serial interface to read the CPM value, convert it to an integrer and expose it as a sesnor that can then be integrated into Home Assistant.

2021 m. gegužės 29 d., šeštadienis

Courtesy of Dion from Holland, here are pictures of neat and compact 3D case design of a geiger clicker circuit based on the HV module and si-29bg tube

 Dion has gracefully provided these nice pictures of the enclosure. It is HV module based clicker circuit and si-29bg tube. On the top you can see the potentiometer knob which is used to switch the device on and to regulate the volume of clicks. Dion says he used a generic PAM8403 pcb from aliexpress.com and a speaker.

To compare the size to the stock 3D printed enclosure:

2021 m. gegužės 20 d., ketvirtadienis

Have just received PCBs for the UPDI programmer

 I have just received PCBs for a "HighVolgage" (12V) UPDI programmer featured here:

I have some spare pieces so if you need one please secure it until the stock lasts as I am not planning to get more. You can click-purchase (9,99 EUR + 4 EUR shipping) here :

2021 m. gegužės 7 d., penktadienis

Here is a new enclosure design for the counter electronics with the SBM-20 tube for 3D printing by Marius

 Here is a nice new design of the enclosure for 3D printing by Marius.  It is made in OpenScad so easily modifiable.

Many thanks Marius,  for sharing!

OpenScad and .stl files can be downloaded from this link  or from Thingiverse

For complete visualisation below are pictures of the make cortesy of Sergiu from Romania.

A desing of the enclosure for the geiger counter with a large SBM-19 (STS-6) tube by Marc for 3D printing

 Here is a new design of the enclosure for the geiger counter with a huge SBM-19 (STS-6) tube.

Might probabl be also used with Si22G tube.

Thank you Marc!

Files for 3D printinb can be downloaded form this link or Thingiverse